Boko Haram

Have you seen the most recent YouTube videos uploaded by Boko Haram? Correct me if I am fantasizing, but they appear to have military tanks and armored personnel carriers. When I did my US Army service, I was in the 2nd Armored Division. I commanded both armored infantry and tank platoons. Operating those machines require training. My questions are: “Where did these rag tag terrorists obtain their equipment? Who trained them to use it?"

I do not have hard facts, but my feeling is, considering Boko Haram’s physical location in northeastern Nigeria, that the equipment must have come from the Nigerian Army. Their training must have come from the same source. 

This must explain why a four hundred-man unit of the Nigerian army recently ran away across the border into Cameroon rather than fight it out with an attacking Boko Haram force. Boko Haram has better equipment than the Nigerian Army.

I must return to my basic rule of Nigerian instability. Wherever there is instability, there are powerful political personalities behind it.